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Denver Steak (10-12oz)


What kind of boxes do you have?

We have different types of boxes to suit any need! We have a small, medium, large, and a custom box!

The meat arrived thawed, what do I do?

If your meat has arrived thawed, first make sure it is 40°F or less, we recommend you use a meat thermometer to check. If any of the meat is above 40°F discard it, if it has been under eight hours since delivery, please contact us so we can help. Even if the meat is a little thawed as long as it is under 40°F it is still re-freezable and safe.

Is your meat USDA certified?

Yes, all of our meat is certified by the USDA and we use a USDA certified butcher facility to process all of our meat, your safety is our number one priority!

Are your cows grass-fed?

All of our cows are grass fed and we don’t influence their diet with hormones, antibiotics, etc. We like to let nature provide for them, we also have numerous apple trees in our fields and the cows love them. Before our cows are ready to be processed we put them through a process called ‘finishing’. During this process we give them grain and hay which makes the flavor of the meat taste better and not as strong. The cows also love it and it is not bad for them like hormones, antibiotics, etc.

How long does meat last in a fridge?

Most of the cow can only be refrigerated for around 5 days to a week. Ground beef however only lasts 1-2 days.

How do I contact you?

Got a question? Concern? Or just want to say hi? If you look at the top of your screen you should see a header with a "Contact Us" button. If you do not see it you can go to our footer, look under Info, and click on it and it will redirect you to us.

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